Electric-less Coffee Making Options

Now, most of us rely on coffee to get through the dredges of the day, but what would we do if we didn’t have electricity? Most of us rely on automatic coffee makers or Starbucks for our daily jolt.

Today, we have compiled a list of electric-less coffee brewing methods to try. I might suggest taking what’s here and trying them each out to find which one you like best!

  • Boiling Coffee: While this method doesn’t actually involve “boiling” the coffee itself, the grounds will be steeped in near boiling water. For this method to work, you will need a pot or kettle, of some sort, to bring water to a near boiling level. Next, you will put the amount of grounds you prefer in a cup, and pour the near boiling water into the cup. Does this sound familiar? Because it is exactly how tea is brewed. By the time the water is at a drinkable temperature, the grounds should have sunk to the bottom of the cup – otherwise, you can filter them out.
  • Turkish Coffee is very similar, except you boil the finely ground coffee beans (and sugar) in the pot. The same result happens though, and the grinds should sink to the bottom of the pot.
  • Pressure Brewing, like Vacuum Brewing or the Moka Pot: This work by boiling a device and, after cooling, using the procured pressure and heat to brew the coffee beans. The Moka Pot will create something like the much-loved espresso cup, while Vacuum Brewing is the best method for retaining the delicate textures, aromas and flavors of the beans it was made from. The Vacuum Method is desirable for “expensive” or fine beans.
  • Gravity Brewing: Drip Brewing and the Pour Over methods are both excellent ways to brew some coffee. You can use it for one cup, or ten, depending on your situation. This doesn’t necessarily require any special tools, like some of the others methods do – only a filter, of some sort, and a cup. A cloth filter can be used many, many times.
  • The Steeping Method: Some of my favorites are the steeping methods, such as the French Press and the Cold Brew. Using the French Press is easy, and very fun. All you need to do is have a press pot, pour in the grounds, followed by hot water. Allow the mixture too steep for 5-10 minutes and push the filer/plunger down. This will bring all of the grounds to the bottom, allowing you easy access to the goods. Cold brew is similar, but cold. You can make this in various sized batches, but the method is all the same. After filling a pitcher with room temperature water, submerge the coffee grinds, usually confined in a filter of some sort. Allow the solution to sit for 24-72 hours, depending on how strong you wish it to be, and, after the time is up, take the “bag” of grinds and place to the side. At this point, the brew is ready to go. You can heat it up and drink it, drink it the way it is, or mix it with more water to water the concentrate down further.

These are some of the fabulous ways to enjoy coffee without electricity, or all the other modern luxuries. All of these methods produce different end results, so finding one that’s perfect for you is key!

Thank you for reading this post! If you would like to comment, please feel free to do so below! Otherwise, you can contact me directly via the contact page! If you want to hear about something in particular, please reach out (via the contact page) and I will add it to the queue!


2 thoughts on “Electric-less Coffee Making Options

  1. An old style percolator. Load it with coffee and water, set it on something hot enough to get the water to a very light boil….and 15 minutes later…..the elixir of life.


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