What Are Your Preparing For?

The first, and probably the most important, question you need to ask your self is: what am I preparing for? Is it the collapse of society? Losing my job? A blizzard, or some other type of natural disaster? Or something else in-between?

Whatever the answer may be, the route you take will pretty much stay the same: prepare with water; prepare your food; ensure security and protection; create community and familiar communication; brush up on various skills; learn the first aid basics; and network a community. The only thing that’s different, is the extent of what you learn and do.

This site is about helping you get to whatever place you want to go, while keeping balanced along the way. Not being afraid to acknowledge where you currently stand, and being realistic on what you can do.

Knowing where you stand will be key in continuing.

Think about it. Sure, you might have all the gear, eons of food and water, a hundred guns with thousands of rounds of ammo, and a doctor next door, but how does that help you? Do you know how to use anything, or create meals with the foods you have? How about purifying and filtering your water? Knowing is better than having.

Thank you for reading my article today. As always, if you have a comment, please leave it below; or if you have a suggestion on a topic, please contact me via the contact page above!


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